Participation Type

Applications to the competition shall be made on “www.cemerdustengercege.com”web site in two stages and online. Online application is made on website by accepting the competition conditions (digital approval) and completing the application articles listed below on website.

8.1. First Stage: Creation of application account The competitors must register their credentials in the system to create an application account. When the registration is complete, the application account will be created for competitors to upload their projects. Access to the application account will be made through the NICKNAME and ACCOUNT PASSWORD created by the system automatically. This information will be automatically sent to the e-mail address registered during application. When the competitors register their personal information in the system, they are deemed to have accepted all conditions stated in the competition conditions.

8.2. Second Stage: Project submission The project is submitted by entering to the application account and uploading the project's visuals and design explanations. The project visuals will consist of three (3) A3 size design sheet and digital sheet and will be digitally loaded into the system.

8.3. There should be no words or signs in the project sheets and in the written explanations that will specify the identity of the competitor. Otherwise, the project will be removed from the project competition. As NICKNAME will be automatically determined by the system for each application, the uploaded sheets and texts will be matched directly to NICKNAME. For this reason, designers should not add their NICKNAME to the sheets.

8.4. Design sheets will be organized as PRODUCT VISUALS (A), USAGE SCENARIO (B), and TECHNICAL SOLUTION INFORMATION (C).

A: A design sheet with a light colored background bearing visual / visuals containing a perspective view,

B: Design sheet containing product usage scenario or visuals supporting presentation board A,

C:Sheet containing details about product material, production technology, size and technical features.

8.5. Each sheet must be designed with150dpi resolution and must be maximum5mb and horizontal. The file extension must be in jpeg format. Written explanations of the project will be uploaded as text to the parts DESIGN PURPOSE(500characters), INNOVATIVE ASPECTS (500 characters) and PRODUCTION METHOD AND TECHNICAL FEATURES (200 characters). For this reason it is recommended to keep text size at maximum level in the visuals. The project description will be automatically inserted into the digital layout that will be used by the system in jury assessment.