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Dicle Cad. No. 7 Beysukent Ankara / TURKEY Tel: +90 312 236 4351 . Fax: +90 312 236 4352
Hakkak Yümnü Sokak No: 8 Boyacıköy, Emirgan İstanbul / TURKEY Tel : +90 212 229 0847 . Fax: +90 212 229 1343
Work Experience
Dalokay Design Studio
Founder | Director of Landscape Architecture and Design 1991 - by now
Part-time Instructor
Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University 2013-2014, 2008 and 1997
Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University 1996-2006
Guest Editor
Home and Office Concept Magazine 2009-2011
Member of Editorial Board
Maison Française -----
Master of Science, M.Sc. Department of Landscape Architecture, Ankara University 2007
Bachelor of Science B.sc.
Department of Landscape Architecture, Ankara University 1983
High school
TED Ankara College 1978
Winning in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Competitions _______________
Third Prize, Applied Project Category
8. National Landscape Architecture Awards, Kılıçözü Stream Recreation Area
Landscape Design Project 2016
Second Honorable Mention
Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Service Building Design Contest (Architectural Design: Rahmi Uysalkan) 2015
Second prize
Istanbul Techno-Park Design Contest 2012
Application Award
Eskişehir City Park Design Contest 2010
Fifth Honorable Mention
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater, Beyoğlu Stage, Architectural Design Competition (Architectural Design: Coşkun Erkanal) 2008
Purchase Award
Kahramanmaras Culture Park Architecture Project Competition (Architectural Design: Adnan Ural) 2007
First Prize
Bursa Kaplıkaya Recreation Valley Urban Design Competition 2005
Purchase Award
Pananos Coastal and Surrounding Urban Design and Landscape Design Competition 2004
First Honorable Mention
Kuğulu Park and Environment Project Competition 2002
Fourth Honorable Mention
700th Anniversary Memorial Complex of the Ottoman Empire and Park Project Competition 2002
Second Honorable Mention
Antalya Lara Park Competition 2001
Purchase Award
Gölbaşı Special Nature Conservation Area and Surrounding Urban Design Competition 2001
Third Honorable Mention
Konya Çifte Kümbetler Urban Design Competition 1997
First Prize
Professor Dr. Rüstü Yüce Grave Design Competition 1996
Architecture and Design Projects ____________
Kırşehir Planetarium and Culture Park Project Competition 2016
Çaycuma Science Center Architectural Project Competition 2016
Beylikdüzü Municipality Life Valley, Bridges and Connections Project Competition 2015
Gallipoli Historical Peninsula National Park Focus Areas Idea Project Competition 2014
Al-Fateh University's Ceremonial Gate National Architectural Project Competition 2009
Bursa Kızyakup City Park Design and Architecture Project Competition 2006
Kavaklıderem Association Urban Design Student Competition 2000
Tevfik Fikret High School Landscape Architecture Student Competition 2000
Writers' Association, Vedat Dalokay Story Contest 1997
Çankaya Municipal Building Architectural Project Competition 1996
As lead actor of "Shanty Garden Town" film Best Short Documentary Award, Barcelona Docupolis, Berlinale Film Festival 2007
Business Woman of the Year Award, Young Businessmen's Association 1997
NGOs and Politics
Board Member Committee Member
Kavaklıderem Association 2002
Founding member
Social Democratic People's Party 2002
President of the Reconstruction Commission
Çankaya Municipality, Ankara 1996-1998
Social Democratic People's Party "Mental Workshop Studies" 1997
Founding Partner
Social Democratic Movement Magazine 1996
Board Member
Çankaya Municipality, Ankara 1994-1998
Copenhagen Med-Campus Project
(Medurbs Interplan Project / Network Urban Design) 1994
The Silk Road Project, an international project led by the Belgian Landscape Corporation 1993
Selected Publications
2010 / Dalokay, B. "A Landscape Teaching" Home and Office Concept Magazine 9 / 76-77.
2009 / Dalokay, B., and M. Durusu. "Consumption of production from the Securities Landscape Architecture Landscape Area (in) Meler" "Landscape in Turkey
Planning and Design Issues "Proceedings Book, 11-13 November 2009, Ankara.
Dalokay B., and M. Durusu "God Created the Garden First" TMMOB Magazine.
2004 / Dalokay Güzer, B, Çulcuoğlu G., "On the Third European Landscape Biennial" Portfolio Building Design, Life Magazine 8: 78-83.
2000 / Dalokay Güzer, B. "Education, Design, Planning As A Problem Of Continuity" Landscape Architecture Today Symposium Book.
Ankara: Publications of the Chamber of Landscape Architects.
2000 / Dalokay Güzer, B. "On Likom Software House Project" Design Architecture, Interior Architecture and Gorsel Sanatlar Magazine 7: 162-165.
2000 / Dalokay Güzer, B. "The House of Birth: Both Housing and House" Arredamento Architecture (Arredamento Architecture) 11: 112-116.
1998 / Dalokay Güzer, B. "A School Building for Non-Man-made Students" Architecture 280: 35-40.
1997 / Dalokay Güzer, B. "Problems of Fast-Food" Model in Environmental Design and Consumption ", Environmental Planning and Design Approaches Symposium Publication Ankara: Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Publications.
Foreign Language
Turkish (native language), English (full prof