Ayca Mehlig, partner and manager of ABC-TEAM Spielplatzgeräte GmbH, is also managing the ABC-TEAM technical design team, designing a number of playgrounds in Germany and Europe, while continuing academic studies in Hochschule Mainz on a part-time basis. A significant portion of the study subjects are children's playground safety and play value.

During the years of 1999-2006, She worked as a research assistant and as a student of Prof Dr Metin Başal at Ankara University Landscape Architecture Department. Between 2002-2003, She joined the program of Tourism Leiusure and Environment Master of Wageningen University in Holland and directed the interest of academics to child-friendly cities in this point. She is currently active in Child Friendly Cities working groups.

She settled in Germany in 2007 and worked with Prof Dr Escher on cultural differences firstly in the external spaces focused on human and child, and from 2010 onwards, she has signed a completely child-focused work. She received the first gaming safety certificate in DIN EN 1176/11 in 2014 As of 2018, this certificate has been renewed with the program it was attached to with the changes in the norms. In 2016, with the NRPA program in the USA, she achieved the CPSI title highly. Ayca Mehlig is currently active in the safety of playgrounds with inspections and reports she has participated in. She continues to be an IPEMA active program director on behalf of ABC-TEAM.